Why CJ Pickering Enterprises Stands Out: Insights from a Young Hardscape Business Owner

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Cody Pickering
August 16, 2023

Navigating the hardscape industry as a 30-year-old business owner presents a distinct set of challenges and advantages. This generation has witnessed the fusion of traditional methods with innovative techniques and technologies. Through this perspective, when evaluating patio installers, CJ Pickering Enterprises emerges as the undeniable leader. Here’s the rationale:

Adapting to Modern Aesthetics

For the millennial generation, understanding contemporary homeowners' desires is intuitive. CJ Pickering Enterprises adeptly merges the allure of traditional hardscape with the nuances of modern-day aesthetics. Their portfolio unveils a diverse array of designs, appealing to both the young and the seasoned homeowner.

Sustainability Matters

Today's generation places high regard on eco-conscious solutions. Recognizing this, CJ Pickering Enterprises prioritizes sourcing materials that champion durability and environmental responsibility. Their steadfast commitment to sustainability ensures not just visually captivating patios but also a nod towards a greener future.

Tech-Driven Solution

While there's no substitute for hands-on experience, the incorporation of the latest tools and technologies is paramount. CJ Pickering Enterprises excels in this domain. From harnessing state-of-the-art design software to employing cutting-edge installation methodologies, they stand at the forefront, guaranteeing precision and efficiency in every endeavor.

Transparency for Today’s Client

In today's information age, consumers demand transparency and forthrightness. CJ Pickering Enterprises resonates with this shift. Their comprehensive quotations leave no stone unturned, ensuring every client is well-informed about their investment. Such an open approach fosters trust and loyalty.

Authentic Engagement

In our digitally-driven world, authentic human connections hold immeasurable value. The plethora of testimonials for CJ Pickering Enterprises stands as proof of their dedication to sincere engagement. They're not just in the business of crafting patios; they're shaping lasting relationships.


In conclusion, observing the trajectory of the hardscaping realm from the vantage point of a 30-year-old, the future seems to prominently feature firms like CJ Pickering Enterprises. Representing an impeccable amalgamation of time-honored practices and modern innovation, they remain the go-to choice for discerning patrons seeking top-tier patio installation.

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